Can’t you recognize good work from remote teams?

Yes, you can!

Link each moment of recognition to the company’s values or team goals. This will allow your team members to see and interact with it, better understanding what’s expected from them.

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    Tap My Back
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    Remote work is harming your company’s culture. We provide you with a simple approach to promote your company’s values and get your culture back on track.

    Provide a platform to celebrate every achievement, ensuring credit is always given when due. In just a few clicks, you can begin positively impacting motivation and engagement, promoting a culture of recognition and feedback.

    Do your employees seem to lack motivation? Let them know you care!

    Improve your employees’ motivation by implementing points-based rewards, 1:1 check-in moments and surveys to feel the company pulse and create strategies to empower employees to celebrate the company’s success.

    Now you can recognize everyone’s good work through a simple to use tab inside the communication tool you already use on a daily basis.

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    Having trouble discovering which teams are coping with work from home? Let them give you the answer.

    Establish Peer Review among teams scattered over several locations with a more comprehensive assessment system. At the same time, constructive peer feedback can provide insights on employee’s skills and its progression over time.

      Great tool for recognition

      The Tap My Back program has been received strongly by our organization. A great tool to show employees recognition. Outstanding customer support!
      Gary Prignano - Senior Facilities Manager, CBRE
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      Easy feedback sharing

      Tap my back has allowed us at to provide another easy and simple way for our leadership program participants to share feedback with one another
      Tosh Hudson - Client Manager, University of Arizona
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      Digital & Innovative

      Tap My Back allows for a culture of feedback to emerge bottom-up. It's digital, innovative, easy to use and quite fun. There was a clear WOW effect since day one.
      Eduardo Mendes - HR Manager, Pernod Ricard
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      Tap My Back is empowering on all levels

      Business Managers

      c - levels - employee engagement software

      Recognize & Reward

      Recognize all of your team’s achievements, ensuring their great performance. Maintain high motivation, positively impacting the operations’ ROI.

      HR Managers

      human resources - employee engagement software

      Empower Employees and Leaders

      Create a continuous feedback culture, reinforce values and retain your employees. Know when you’ll have the greatest impact and improve engagement.

      Team Leaders

      team leaders - employee engagement software

      Listen, Learn, and Lead

      Maximize the potential of talent and streamline HR. We help you help leaders increase productivity and HR managers improve work environment and culture.

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