Build a Continuous Feedback Culture

Tap My Back helps organizations building engaging cultures, through real-time feedback sharing and social recognition.

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Feel motivated to grow

We believe improving your skills should be motivating, not mandatory. The world should be viewed as full of possibilities, not risks. Tap My Back is empowering on all levels, promoting a flat organizational culture.

  • Contextual learning and development of prioritized skills.
  • Directly linked to top management goals – built-in RTB.
  • Private and public feedback and recognition forms motivation.
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Drive change in a smart way

We don’t make things overly complicated. Instead, we help you achieve your goals as efficiently and as smart as possible.

  • Light, easy and resource efficient for SMEs.
  • Reports with information and data that matters.
  • Suits different organizations with flexible, customizable features.
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Shape culture from day one

For us, feedback is a culture-shaping tool. We aim to accelerate a growth culture in the organizations we work with, and we know that everyone needs to be onboard - that’s why we build empowering learning environments, always with a positive outlook.

  • Engages actively and lightly and creates a desire for a real-time feedback culture.
  • Personal accountability through follow-up actions and check-in-conversations.
  • Content, tools, and templates for better practices on different skill levels.
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All our features

Hand Features

Real-Time Social Recognition

Social and public recognition is one tap away.
Use badges personalized to your goals to give taps to anyone.
Base it on values or behaviors you want to endorse.

Peer Features

Real-Time Feedback & Pulse Surveys

Give and request honest feedback anonymously.
Create different poll and pulse surveys.
Use our templates and edit them.

Trophy Features

Connect Recognition to Rewards

Set a specific value to reward employees for each tap.
Or create a periodic reward for the most recognized employees.
Rewards from 600+ top brands.

Heart Features

Analyze Personal Growth

Analyze your performance and personal growth.
Check top skills, skills to work on, and track mood.
Insights on helpful feedback and recognition.

Stats Features

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Check leaderboards, activity, badges, and skills.
Track trends and spot issues early.
Team and individual insightful reports.

Msg Features

Pulse Check - eNPS and Mood

Check on your people and how they’re feeling.
Send eNPS questions and track mood.
Share team messages to all team members.

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Add your Branding and Structure

Make Tap My Back feel like home by
adding your branding and structure.
Create teams and choose managers.

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Talkdesk Integration

Integrate with Talkdesk and have single sign-on.
You can use our software both
on a browser and on our app.

Slack Features

Slack Integration

Give taps through Slack and receive notifications
about taps, badges, team messages, and users.

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