Our Story

Tap My Back started with a very specific need in our mother company: the need to make our people feel listened to, appreciated and valued. ComOn grew very quickly and even changed places. People felt lost and managers felt the need to reinforce values and make sure everyone was on the same page. That's how Tap My Back was born, as a way to people recognize each other efforts, motivating teams to grow and reinforcing important values.

As the market evolved, Tap My Back evolved with it and today we are a full employee engagement solution. We provide an employee feedback software because we believe everyone deserves to be listened to and we all can learn from each other. Employees can be better colleagues and managers can be better leaders. We don't like complexity, so we made sure to create this in the most intuitive, simple way.

Our Team

Rui Gouveia


João Pereira

Lead Developer

Leonor Sousa

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrea Fontes

Strategy Advisor

Carlos Simões


Nuno Ponceano

Product Advisor

Salvador Barros

Chief Executive Officer


“Tap My Back, One of The Top 5 Apps to Drive Employee Engagement”


“Tap My Back offer examples of next-generation continuous feedback approaches, which use a mobile interface to drive development and skills improvement via continual feedback”

Personnel today

“One of the key ways to engage millennials at work is by offering frequent praise and encouragement Tap My Back give managers a helping hand in this employee recognition process.”

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