Employee recognition – A real problem

More motivation and happiness at the workplace through the power of peer-to-peer recognition is now available to any browser, browser extension, iOS and Android app.


64% of employees that quit their jobs say they don’t feel recognized for their job.


Studies say that public and immediate employee recognition is 10% more effective in terms of motivation than the usual money appraisal.
Teams are increasingly getting more disperse and geographically fragmented, which makes impossible a public and immediate recognition.
An effective employee recognition strategy means that all track record of the daily victories has to be saved.


In the main feed, all taps are public and visible. Who gave, who received and why. Additionally to that are used gamification elements that drive team members to evolve, get better and check their progress on the personal profile area.
The administrator creates the team and chooses which badges are available for peer-to-peer recognition.
All team members can give a tap on the back to a coworker, all in 3 easy steps.
Activity dashboard, rankings and insights to help the administrator to better know the team.


Tap My Back is an Employee Engagement app, which is easy to use and makes peer-to-peer recognition fun.
The app allows the team leader to customize the type of actions he/she wants to promote on the team, helping him/her with valuable insights about the team.
Tap My Back is a web and mobile app that allows all employees to share recognition with each other.
Tap My Back complements the traditional annual evaluation process in the organizations, with the plus of being in real-time.


With Tap my back recognition flows in every level of the organization. Anyone included in the team may tap or re-tap other elements. A public feed, descriptive and personalized badges along with additional comments make part of an on-going solution that eases employee recognition through a pleasant solution.

Besides showing recognition publicly, you may use the peer evaluation feature for situations in which 1 on 1 feedback works better. Team members may evaluate others by providing feedback that can be changed constantly according to each employee momentum.

Tap my back was developed underpinned on a gamification structure. Therefore it provides managers with several insights such as top performers, low morale employees or even each person strengths and weaknesses.

Tap My Back is ideal to assess and boost employee engagement on a daily basis

“Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company it will be invincible.” – Sir Richard Branson