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Retail staffing & engagement 101 – infographic

Retail staffing & engagement

The holidays are the busiest time of year for retail outlets and staff will be rushed off their feet attending to customer queries, restocking and getting their daily duties completed. If you are on retail you can easily relate to the importance of keeping your retail staff engaged and motivated to do the best they can.

In case you have staff calling in sick at this time of year will cause untold disruption to the smooth running of the store.

That’s only one of the reasons why hiring reliable retail staff is so important. The ability to feel confident that they are going to show up and carry out their work. Surely that’s a given but it might not be as you will also need to be assured that the staff you hire can cope with both the busy periods in-store and ideally that they know how to utilize time periods which are quiet in-store to get prepared and make sure the store and its merchandise are looking their absolute best.

Training is, of course, a necessity for new staff but ongoing training is important also for the likes of existing staff to reinforce a consistent tone and standard for the team’s work.

Retaining staff is another topic that management needs to work hard on because there is simply no point in enforcing high standards of training staff if one after another they walk out the door.

Check out this infographic from the guys at Storetraffic which details everything you need to know about retail staffing. This in relation to hiring, training and retaining talent so that you can call your staff a real dream team.


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