Remote work making it difficult to engage your employees? 

Replace outdated methods of engagement with smart tools like peer-to-peer recognition, and pulse surveys. Reinforce your company culture, respond to your employees’ needs during remote work, build stronger and more productive teams.


These companies are building a continuous feedback culture

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Tap My Back

Appreciate your teammates great work, in just a couple of clicks!

64% of employees that quit their jobs say they lack recognition. You can recognise your teams amazing performance, either remote or at the office.

  • Real-time social recognition on the go with custom & built in templates.
  • Provide instant public recognition with badges, comments & GIFs.
  • Besides motivating your peers, you are reinforcing company values.

Demotivated teams? Let them know you care!

Motivation related problems are easier to solve when using a straightforward recognition and engagement system.

  • Link recognition to rewards and provide USD bonus to redeem as gift cards.
  • Create mood surveys and make data-driven decisions.
  • Encourage engaging conversations and add humor to the workplace.

Having trouble discovering how your teams are coping up with remote work? Let the data speak!

Understand how your employees feel and manage their expectations. Organizations that focus on engaging their workforces have higher retention rates and motivation that directly improves customer satisfaction rates.

  • Create your own Surveys or choose a Template and automate their launch.
  • Feel the pulse of your teams in real-time, with Mood & eNPS surveys.
  • Access the results in our dashboards or manage the data as you prefer.

Need help getting started?


We support you with the rollout strategy and software onboarding


Feel at home with your own branding and structure


Count on the support of our entire team focused on your success.

Tap My Back is empowering on all levels

Icon Team Leaders

Team Leaders


Get a bird's-eye view of employee moods and motivations, help improve performance and recognize their achievements.

Icon Hr Managers

HR Managers


Keep your company's culture and team spirit alive by keeping everyone involved whether they are working remotely or in the office.

Icon Business Leaders

Business Leaders


Evaluate talent, streamline your HR team from anywhere and easily connect with all your teams, regardless of their time zones.

Built to integrate with Microsoft Teams, Slack & Google

Give recognition, feedback and answer surveys directly from with your favourite work tools


Chrome & Gmail extension


Microsoft Teams integration


Slack integration

We didn't want to brag, but... our clients love us!


Ana Mariani

Communication Supervisor, McDonald's

Simple & fun

Tap My Back is a simple and fun tool that through recognition stimulates employees to become better. A feedback with no barriers or hierarchies is its most important value.


Tosh Hudson

Client Manager, University of Arizona

Easy way for feedback

Tap my back has allowed us to provide another easy and simple way for our leadership program participants to share feedback with one another

Avatar 8

Eduardo Mendes

HR Manager, Pernod Ricard Portugal

Digital & innovative

Tap My Back allows for a culture of feedback to emerge bottom-up. It's digital, innovative, easy to use and quite fun. There was a clear WOW effect since day one.

Avatar 2

Gary Prignano

Senior Facilities Manager, CBRE

Great tool

The TapMyBack program has been received strongly by our organization. A great tool to show employees recognition. Outstanding customer support!


Joaquim Leal

Head of Internet & Mobile, Millennium BCP

Boosts motivation

Tap My Back has been serving the purpose of increase our group's motivation and team spirit. The social and gamification components proved to be crucial to improve engagement.

Read more about how Tap My Back has helped world's most engaged teams achieve their goals

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Promoting good culture within the organization

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Farm & Stable rides HR trends with Tap My Back

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The impact of continuous recognition on rapidly growing organizations

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Start engaging with your teams anytime, anywhere

Start your 7-day trial period, no credit card required.

Motivate your teams and reinforce company values
per user/month billed annually or $2.50 billed monthlyFree Trial
Features Included
Social, public recognition + rewards
Reinforce behaviours with recognition badges
Support continuous development through unlimited skill badges
Unlimited teams and users
Include your branding
MS Teams, Slack & Google Integration
Support chat & email - within 24h
Build a feedback culture and feel the company's pulse
per user/month billed annually or $4.00 billed monthlyFree Trial
Recognize plus
Advanced data reporting
Give proactively private feedback
Support continuous development through unlimited skill badges
Send feedback requests in the right timing
Have peer-to-peer check-in conversations
Do self-reviews
Pulse surveys
... and much more!

Tap My Back works wherever you do.

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