If you want to grow your business you have to keep your employees motivated and engaged in the journey


No matter if you are in charge of a business, a project or a specific department, in the long run, your goal should always be growth. However, don’t forget that growth is only valuable for the market when consistent.

It doesn’t matter if your business grows double digits in comparison to the previous year if you cannot keep it up. Within the market and stakeholder syllabus predictability comes way first than unexpected growth. A stable growth without either low or high unexpected spikes shows stakeholders you have both hands on the steering wheel, controlling the business course. Therefore you earn their trust, confidence and hopefully their money.

Growth is a marathon. Just like any marathonist prepares both mentally and physically you should also be in possession of the right tools. Even though marathon runners win titles alone, the team supporting them is hands-down one of the most decisive aspects of their success. It’s the same for business: your employees are your team and they are the most important element of your business’ performance in the future.

Whether your business is already growing or aims to be in a recent future you should make sure to equip your team with all the necessary weapons.

First of all, your workforce needs to share not only a growth mindset but also have your feedback, support, and motivation to make it happen. Some argue that the key for motivated employees is money, but recent studies proved that money isn’t the biggest motivation.

Bamboo Hr ran a survey to more than 1,000 business professionals and got surprising results. He found that there is a large number of employees that value title promotion over wage raises. Employees also appreciate receiving executive emails congratulating them for a specific task. Recognition and feedback is key to motivated employees. Excitement levels attain even higher levels when they get expanded responsibilities due to a previous achievement!

The secret for a highly motivated team seems to rely on knowing each member well and adapting the way you give feedback and recognize them according to their specific preferences.

Growing ecosystems may face even harder challenges on keeping employees motivated over underperforming businesses. As managers get so focused on pushing the day-to-day growth they eventually stop recognizing the workforce. This leaves heavy consequences in the long-term.

Thus, it is essential that you understand what you need to do in order to keep your employees engaged and focused on the common goal. You’ll need to spend at least as much time building an engaging ecosystem as you’ll do hiring new people and motivating your staff.

In order to ease that, Tap my Back, an easy to use employee recognition and feedback software created a 10 actionable strategies guide. You can apply these to your team today in order to guarantee you keep your workforce focused and motivated on a healthy long-term growth.


On this insightful compendium of best practices you will find:

– 10 actionable strategies to keep your workforce focused on growth
– How to deal with people dragging your growth back
– Best practices on how to boost people’s productivity in a fast-growing environment
– Top tools and software to help you manage your staff
– Further in-depth resources on employee engagement within fast-growing companies